In the News

Zipcar,  Dec 31, 2013
“Respect is what keeps Bike Party wholesome and in good standing with the local police. It’s also what makes the bike parties such an incredible celebration.”

Le Journal International (France),  Nov 26, 2013
Baltimore Bike Party is recognized internationally in this French publication.

Live Baltimore – City Living Essentials Guide
“Baltimoreans are pretty serious about bicycling and is never more evident than at the Baltimore Bike Party.  
The monthly event draws thousands of avid cyclists who gather en masse and take over city streets for two or three hours.”

The Examiner, Sept, 2013
“We joined the beach-themed party… and came away with the sense that this surely has grown to become a vital part of Charm City’s charm.”

The City Paper, July 24, 2013
“They’re all here—including Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who dons neon 1980s spandex—because of Barnett’s vision.”

Baltimore Magazine, September – December 2013
“I didn’t plan to write one of those “Best. Time. Ever.” posts. But I’ve never seen so many people riding bicycles and smiling as I did at Friday night’s most recent iteration of the Baltimore Bike Party…”

The Baltimore Sun,  May 29, 2013
“The Baltimore Bike Party — part costume party, urban exploration, family outing, dance rave and roving singles scene — is a group ride through Baltimore that will have you feeling like Mister Rogers, Lance Armstrong and Lady Gaga all in the space of 2 1/2 hours.”

Grist Magazine, May 3, 2013
“Welcome to Bike Party: Bike Prom edition, part of a burgeoning movement nationwide that is putting the fun into bicycling activism.”

The Baltimore Guide, Nov 5, 2012
“While riding on Fulton Street, some little kids in a row house were so excited they just jumped up and down screaming. That was one of my high points,” said one of the riders. –

The Signal / WYPR,  Oct 5, 2012
“We hit the streets with Matt Kelley and 700 of his fellow cyclists to experience the revelry of the monthly Baltimore Bike Party.”

The Baltimore Sun,  Sept 1, 2012
“Hundreds of bike riders rounded the bend from Art Museum Drive and pedaled down into the dell for nearly 10 minutes in a continuous stream of lights.”



Walking Across America, October 25, 2013
“Hundreds of citizens of all economic stripes come together into one big, awesome bike party to generate and spread the consciousness-expanding happiness across many miles of Baltimore”

The Baltimore Chop, August 26,2013
An adverse reaction to the order of stopping at red lights during the August 2013 ride.

The Voyage of the Tramper, July 28, 2013
“… through wildly divergent neighborhoods. Parks and slums. Mansions and museums.”

Community Architect, June 30, 2013
“Baltimore Bike Party brings the multitudes to feel safe on a bicycle, well protected from drivers who have to stop and wait until the bike convoy has passed. This roving ciclovia has been an ever increasing success in Baltimore.”

Hidden Baltimore, May 8, 2013
“Bike Party is unique because it is just that – a party on your bike. It attracts people of all ages from cycling enthusiasts to those just looking for an excuse to dress up and hang out.”

Station North Oral History Project, April 15, 2013
“And some people had a drum on their bike and they all had lights and some people were singing and people were chatting and all this energy and this wave, just this flood of bicycles!”

Deep Space Arts, October 13, 2013
“It was really awesome to be apart of it, the whole ride was full of exciting bikes with speakers attached playing music, lights and loud sounds, and afterwards for the after-party there was beer and food provided by Baltimore’s finest food trucks.”

I Could Sew Do That,  April 18, 2013
“I have since been to every bike party and even volunteered as a leader for the cold and snowy January BBP event… I had given up on urban biking after my commuting experience a few years back, but this party has re-energized my spirit for pedaling around Baltimore.”

Bmore Bikes,  Sept 3, 2012
“On a perfect Friday evening, over 700 riders gathered around the Washington Monument for the start of (probably) the largest group bicycle ride Baltimore has ever witnessed.”


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