How We Ride

Yes, this is a party, but we can’t disregard the 2-ton behemoths around us.  Here are 6 simple rules to follow to keep us all safe and happy!

1. Stay out of oncoming traffic lanes.  Don’t ride in a traffic lane going the other direction.  Even if it looks like the lane is clear and we are on a 2-way street, a car could quickly turn into that lane, potentially right into you!  It’s okay for us to use every available lane on OUR side of the street, but please let oncoming traffic have their right of way.

2. The front stops at red lights.  If a light is red when the beginning of the group arrives, just wait.  Just because you can cross before traffic gets to the intersection, doesn’t mean everyone behind you will be able to do so.  We aren’t in a hurry, take the opportunity to chat up the cute person next to you or start an impromptu dance party!  If a light is green when the beginning of the group gets to the intersection and begins to turn red before we have all passed, proceed through and we will cork (assigned cyclists blocking cross traffic) the intersection until the group has all crossed.

3. Roll past confrontation.  If you see an angry driver, pedestrian, or even another cyclist, just roll past it.  Do not engage in shouting back with the individual, no matter how ignorant their statements.  Just keep rolling and have a good time!  If you see other members of the ride engaging in confrontation, remind them to “roll on past” as well!

4. Ride Straight, Ride Predictably.  In a large group, pay attention to the cyclists around you.  Don’t swerve erratically or stop suddenly without warning those around you.

5.  Save your beer for off the bike.  Open container laws apply to bike too, like it or not, so don’t drink while you are riding.  Besides, we also need you to be able to abide by rule #4!

6. Leave no one behind alone.  We are here to ride as a group!  We have set stops along the way, and keeping an easy pace and stopping at red lights will ensure that all riders feel welcome and able to participate.  This isn’t a race, it’s a party!  That said, of course there are going to be flat tires or other issues.  Make sure that no one having issues gets left behind the group with people to help them out!  Our ride sweepers will have cue sheets to hand the group to help you catch back up, and with such a leisurely pace, it shouldn’t be too hard once you are fixed up!


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