Stay in the Loop

besides visiting us here on our website, we also have a FB page with updates, photos, and information

as well as a FB group where you can share photos, ideas, joy, support, and whatever else your heart desires with all your fellow BikePartiers!

as of now we do not have a “Twitter presence” but as we grow who knows what will happen!

5 Responses to Stay in the Loop

  1. darin anarky says:

    Can’t wait to meet up with everyone.

  2. Brian says:

    hey did you see Richmond Spokes hosted an after party with 500 cyclist at our after hours dance, food and bev reception.. thn turned around and had a massive 700 from LA San Jose San Francisco , Oakland Berkeley, ALbany, Elcerrito Richmond, and beyond…..

  3. Jon says:

    Is there an email list for those of us not on Facebook?

  4. bill oliver says:

    our family would like to give it a go. when is june ride? what is theme? and where do you start?

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