BBP: Turn Up the Lights 9/29

Grab your glow sticks, your cycling-powered wheel lights, your glow-in-the-dark body paint (you always have that close by, right?) and let’s light this city up! We flick the switch Friday 9/29 and illuminate McHenry Row. Read on for everything you need to know about this month’s ride and follow us on Instagram for updates!

1. Here’s the route

2. Here’s the cue sheet (turn by turn directions)

3. Meet as usual at 6:30 at St Mary’s Park in Seton Hill and roll out at 7pm SHARP.

4. We’ll be ending in McHenry Row (in front of the new Porter Street apartments) in Locust Point! If you’re driving, please do not plan to park in that parking lot and be aware of the parking restrictions in the area.

5. Heavy Seas Beer will have three refreshing choices for us. Wristbands are free, but you MUST bring your ID!

6. Tickets for drinks are $4 each or $10 for 3. Cash is king, but we do accept cards (will be charged $1 extra per transaction)

7. Side A Photography will be snapping pictures and Ms D’z will be laying down the beats.

8. **V IMPORTANT** We will be riding under WEST COAST RULES, stopping at red lights. What does that mean? Read THIS please.

9. T-Shirts and tanks will be on sale! $20 each or $15 for volunteers!

10. Click these links to check out what you need to bring

11. and how to lock up


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