Ride, Respect Reverly

It’s summer! It’s that incredible time when more and more of your bike-loving friends and soon-to-be-friends come out to ride the streets of Baltimore. Maybe you’ve been riding with us all year, maybe this is your first ride of 2017 (welcome back!), either way, tonight we once again spread the love and revelry through the streets of Baltimore!
We wanna take you back real quick to Bike Party’s humble beginnings 5 years ago (what? 5 years? Yeah… we’re half a decade old, baby!). At that time, there were rides centered on racing through Baltimore, there we rides centered on taking back the streets, but there was nothing that fully tapped into the joy biking can bring to a city. Baltimore Bike Party did (#nbd).
How does Bike Party do it? How is it that Bike Party is 5 years old? Because of you. Because you as Bike Partiers ride with respect and revelry and SO many of you volunteer your time and $$ to manage the logistics of each event. Because we celebrate these pothole-ridden streets and cheer the loudest when bike infrastructure is implemented. We respect others on the road and stop at lights (yeah… we do. And if you forgot how, check out this link).
Simply put, Bike Party spreads the love. So tonight, and every night you ride, that’s what we expect. We expect you to give love to Baltimore. We expect you to feel a whole lotta love from this city right back. And if you don’t feel that love, take a hint from a 2000s theme-appropriate song, “gon’ brush your shoulders off.”
Ride, Respect, Revelry,
Baltimore Bike Party
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