BBP: Bike Party on the Red Carpet 2/24/17

red-carpet1In honor of the Academy Awards this month, Bike Party is hitting the carpet. Scratch that, streets, hitting the streets!

Think you belong on the red carpet? Glam up! Have a movie fav from this year or past? Movie character up! Have a stunning resemblance to Oscar? Oscar up!

We meet at 6:30, ride out at 7 from St. Mary’s Park. Ride will possibly end in the Harbor East/Fells Point/Little Italy area, but we’re still ironing out details, so that will be updated soon, along with other details of the ride!

Ride, Respect, Revelry,

P.S. Image not actually of Bike Party on red carpet; in case you were wondering. But, Pharrell, you’re always welcome.

1. Here’s the route.

2. Here’s the turn sheet.

3. Meet as usual at 6:30 at St Mary’s Park in Seton Hill and roll out at 7pm SHARP.

4. This month we’ll end at Heavy Seas Alehouse for dancing, drinks, and food!

5. Heavy Seas Alehouse is giving Bike Party a portion of each sale to support summer rides. To help them keep track, please make sure you get a wristband before entering the brewery. Volunteers will be giving out wristbands at the ride and at the bar.

6. Heavy Seas will have not one, but TWO bars open for our group… go to the back bar in the initial rush to get served faster. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL in Heavy Seas, please!

7. We will be riding under WEST COAST RULES, stopping at red lights. What does that mean? Read THIS please.

8. Click these links to check out what you need to bring

9. and how to lock up.

10. Hey congrats… you made it to the end of the everything post! Are you still feeling the Bike Party love, but don’t know what to do with all that emotion? We’ve found donating a little chunk of change is an excellent way to keep that tingly feeling. You can donate here.
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