“Rep Your Galaxy!” Information

Star-Wars-vs-Star-Trek-860x44222Here is EVERYTHING you need to know for the January ride…

Wondering about pedaling through the streets of Baltimore a mere week after the historic blizzard? We were too… so we tried it! Read the below statement from Bike Party front lines (a.k.a.- the pre-ride):

“We rode earlier this week to tweak the route to make it as safe as possible. We’ve chosen streets that have been cleared of snow, aren’t particularly curvy so we don’t have to deal with turns, and are wide enough for Bike Party to be in one lane and keep the other lane open for cars wherever possible. Leaders will prioritize keeping the party together so we have safety in numbers. That being said if you do not feel comfortable riding, don’t do it! You can still get dressed up and join us at the Glass Grill for dancing, photoboothing, drinking, eating, and glass blowing!”

1. Route: This is our shortest route at 7.13 miles! Typically our routes are between 8 and 10, so even with all that sitting around last snow-filled weekend, you’ll survive this ride! On Eastern Ave, please stay in the rightmost lane when possible and watch your speed when going downhill under the bridge (you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when you get there).https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/2/edit?mid=z2Ow5nIzrAqw.kPdeO1JlKJrw

2. Here’s the cue sheet! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ou4ypIVkTc293F0MbAj4Az41iXShYCvCS-cztBkjIjU/edit?ts=56a9116b#gid=1142786243

3. Getting Home Safely: At 10, 11, and 12 p.m. we’ll have Bike Party organizers lead mini Bike Party caravans back down Eastern to Patterson Park. Caravans will leave from the McFadden Art Glass parking lot.

4. Meet as usual at 6:30 at St Mary’s Park in Seton Hill and roll out at 7pm SHARP. Every month Seton Hill Community Association provides bathrooms for us in the building in the park. During the winter they are also selling hot cider and other goodies!

5. We’ll be ending at the McFadden Art Glass and Glass Grill. Lock up (to your friends or the fence) inside the gated parking lot at McFadden Art Glass and check out the studio. Remember, for the winter months there will be no security guards, so bring a good lock and know how to use it. Drinks and food are located in the Glass Grill just through the yard.

6. Photobooth: Come with your phones/cameras. We’ll have the out of this world background, but we’re short a photographer this month. Hashtag it with #bmorebikeparty

7. We will be riding under WEST COAST RULES, stopping at red lights. What does that mean? Read THIS please https://baltimorebikeparty.com/2014/10/14/an-important-read/

8. Check out what you need to bring here!https://baltimorebikeparty.com/5wsh/what-to-bring/

P.S. We assume there are some NPR people in the crowd? Listen to Midday tomorrow on WYPR (88.1) to hear an interview with Bike Party leader Kim Lillig (spoiler alert- she’s talking about BP)! We think it’s around 12:30ish, but really, it’s probably all worth a listen.

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