Baltimore Bike Party and Dirt Bikes

On August 13th, an op-ed was published by the Washington Post about the 12 o’clock Boys and Baltimore’s dirt bike riding culture.  The article incorrectly identified Bike Party as a place for “bicyclists and motorcyclist enthusiasts.”  We have since requested a change to WP, but want to make it clear to anyone who may have been linked to our site:

While we take no issue with the motorcycle and atv riding culture in the city, Baltimore Bike Party does NOT ALLOW ANY MOTORIZED VEHICLES to participate.  This would create a great danger to other participants.  Any and all people are welcome to attend our free event, but they must do so on a human-powered vehicle (bicycle, roller skates, skate board, unicycle).  Thank you for your understanding.

-The Organizers-

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2 Responses to Baltimore Bike Party and Dirt Bikes

  1. Stephen says:

    What are the qualifications to be a vendor at the after party

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