Baltimore Bike Party was started out of a strong love of this city, its wonderful places, and its beautiful people. While there is much to celebrate, we also recognize that Baltimore still faces numerous challenges. As most of you know, many fellow citizens are feeling pain, anger, and frustration in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray, and protests have been organized around the city.

Out of respect for these efforts, you will notice that our route has changed slightly to avoid disrupting their work. Even still, there is a high probability that we will encounter protestors at some point during our event. We ask that our riders please be respectful of their voice, their right to assemble, and their vision for a better Baltimore. This doesn’t mean you have to wipe the smile off your face, but be aware of what is going on around you and be courteous and polite to everyone we see. Engage those around you in conversation and roll past conflict or confrontation. If we are kind, patient, and respectful of those we meet then we will have a great time.

Bike Party adores this city and we want to see it continue to grow into a stronger, better Baltimore. We recognize and respect the protest groups’ efforts to carry out this same vision and if you do feel moved to take part in the protests, we recommend checking out Baltimore Bloc for more information. Likewise, we ask that if you ride with us, please be respectful of Bike Party’s spirit of joy and positivity. There is plenty of room in this city for both, and both are essential.

Our love for Baltimore runs deep. This month marks Bike Party’s 3rd anniversary (it’s okay, you don’t have to buy us anything). We cannot express how much appreciation we have for everyone who has been on the rides, or high-fived us from the sidewalk, or hollered out their 2nd story window. We have never been more committed to this endeavor than we are right now and can’t wait to see all your shining pirate-y faces!

Read the post below for all the details on the ride!

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  1. MurphyD says:

    This was my first time riding in the BBP and I had a great time. Can’t believe you’ve been doing this for a couple years and I’m just hearing about it. I’m bringing some friends next month. Thanks for making this happen. MurphyD

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