Lions n Tigers n Bikes, Oh My! – March Bike Party

animal bike

Hey Bike Partiers!

Strap on your best fur, scales, feathers, & fins for this month’s animal themed Bike Party!

1) Here’s the route for this month!
Here’s the cue sheet!

2) We will be riding under WEST COAST RULES, stopping at red lights. What does that mean? Read THIS please.

3) START: Meet as usual at 6:30 at St Mary’s Park in Seton Hill and roll out at 7pm SHARP. Every month Seton Hill Community Association provides bathrooms for us in the building in the park. During the winter they are also selling hot cider and other goodies!

4) Check out what you need to bring here!

5) We will be ending this month at Mother’s Grille in Fed Hill this month! All ages are welcome but be sure to bring your ID to get in on all the fun!

6) We will have BIKE RACKS on the street BEHIND the bar, so be sure to follow those last 2 little turns on the cue sheet!

7) At the after party we will be selling Bike Party hoodies! $20 each! We’ll also have the donation canisters ready to vote for your favorite bike partier-nominated theme for next month!

8) Also… bring your cash so you can help Bike Party keep doing what we’re doing and to help choose next month’s theme! Look for the theme jars at the merch table. Whichever jar has the most money at the end of the night will be our theme for next month! The three themes up for vote are:

Pirates – Listen up ye Scallywag’s and Hornswaggler’s, it’s time to strap on your finest peg leg and eye patch, for the Bike Party is setting sail for the streets of Baltimore! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Celebrities – Ever want to ride through the streets of Baltimore with Oprah? John Waters? Kim Kardashian? Now’s your chance!

Mediocre Heroes – Superheroes get all the credit… but what about those decent, hard-working heroes? So cape up and bike with us (you are saving the world of all those nasty car emissions after all).

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2 Responses to Lions n Tigers n Bikes, Oh My! – March Bike Party

  1. Ben says:

    I would love to attend. I do not have a bike just yet, and I have to work. Yet I will get off at 3pm. Can I just come to the after party instead….

  2. Of course! Hope to see you there!

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