July Bike Party Details


md bike

Here’s everything you need to know for this month’s ride!

1)      Here is the ROUTE! This route does have some decent downhill sections. Remember we aren’t in a race, feel free to take it slow and keep your bike under control!  Nothing ruins a good party like head trauma!  Also print out a cue sheet in case you need to catch up!

2)      For now, the POLICE escort is at their availability!  This means they will provide the service when they can, and we can roll through reds, but if something more pressing comes up they may not make it and we will have to ride under the West Coast Policy!   Either way brush up on How We Ride (NOTE: this is a complicated situation and if you have questions or concerns about it, feel free to email us and we are happy to discuss it further)

3)      We meet as usual at 6:30 at St Mary’s Park and roll out at 7pm.  Did you know that every month Seton Hill Neighborhood Assn provides BATHROOMS for us?  Head to the backside of the small building in the park.  Also, Twenty20 Cycling is on hand to help pump up tires and other small tweaks!

4)      Check out what you need to bring!

5)      Hula Honeys will be back at the mid-stop this month!  If you run out of time there, don’t worry, they’ll also be at the after party!

6)      This month we will be ending at the Maryland Historical Society!  There will be all the usual fun with beer, WINE, food trucks, the photobooth, and DJ.  As always, you need a ticket to get a drink ($4 each, 3 for 10), and you need a wristband to get tickets (free) so bring your ID!  Check out a layout of the after party here!

7)      When you get to the after party, there is a designated area to put your bike (see link above).  It will not have a bunch of things to lock to, so lock your bike to your friends, or itself!  We will have security guards on hand to protect any bikes that are IN the parking lot, especially IN THE CORRAL area, so if you are concerned about the safety of your bike it’s best to put it there!  You can check out more of how to lock up your bike here (esp. Appendix B)

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