June Bike Party Details [UPDATED!]


Here’s everything you need to know for this month’s ride!

1) Remember we moved the ride time! Meet at 6:30 roll out at 7pm!

2) Here is the route!  Be sure to look it over and print out a cue sheet just in case!

3) If the police are there, we can ride as one mass. If not, we all have to abide by the red light policy (as described in detail on this page) be prepared for either option this month!

4) Review what you need to bring for a bike party!

5) This month we are ending at the Lexington Market lot. As usual there will be beer, wine, dancing, and the photo booth! Along with that we have TONS of vendors from the market ready to fill your bellies!
– Mem Sahib (with vegan options)
– Mexican Delight
– Honolulu Smoothies
– Mt Olympus baked potatoes
– Gordon’s Betta Jamaican Cuisine
– Kay’s Produce
– Barron’s Deli
– Sausage Master
– Faidley’s crab cakes
– Jumbo Chicken
– Dancing Potato

6) Drink tickets, as usual, will be $4 each or 3 for $10. Heavy Seas will be there with beer and we will have wine as well! We guarantee we will NOT run out! (unless you show up with 1000 extra friends like Big Freedia did)

7) In order to drink, you need a wrist band! There is no charge for these but be sure to bring your ID!

8) Remember to bring your lock and review how to lock your bike up! There is fencing around the entire lot and there will be security on the lot, but don’t lose your bike or your accessories by leaving them unsecured!


1) If you are DRIVING to Bike Party: the best place to park is in the LEXINGTON MARKET GARAGE. This is on PACA St across from the market on the LEFTHAND side between Lexington and Saratoga. Other garages in the area may not be open late enough for you to get your car out at the end of the night, but THIS ONE IS! After parking, just ride your bike straight on Paca about 4 blocks (north, with traffic) and you will see the start of Bike Party in the park on the left! Here is a picture of what the garage looks like

2) The afterparty has a pretty strong shut-down time of about 11pm, but if you want to keep the night going, feel free mosey on down to Alewife Baltimore a block south or Pratt Street Ale House 3 blocks down and 1 block east! If you decide to go out after bike party, TAKE YOUR BIKE WITH YOU. Bikes left in the parking lot MAY HAVE TO BE REMOVED if they are still there in the morning as the market opens early for business!

3) We are going to add something new this month! Hula Honeys will be selling Hawaiian Shaved Ice at the rest stop! If this is a success we will bring them back repeatedly for the rest of the summer!


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