May BBP Ride Info!



1) We are moving our start time FROM THIS MONTH FORWARD to MEET at 6:30, ROLL OUT at 7pm sharp! This is to accommodate for how early some of our after parties will have to wrap up (sometimes 11pm), depending on the zoning of the area! SPREAD THE WORD, DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND!

2) We are hard at work at negotiating an MOU with the city that will allow Bike Party to continue well into the future! That said, we have not yet reached agreement. Due to the crazy liability issues of our amazing event, until this is signed we are going to operate this month under the WEST COAST RULES, i.e. stopping at red lights! Remind yourself of how it all works here. We PROMISE you that this is not the last you will see of the giant mass rides of old, have patience! (and if you are an experienced attorney or contract negotiator, give us a call!)

3) Here’s the route! Take a look! Also be sure to print out a few cue sheets for you and your friends, in case you need them to catch up!

4) review what you need to bring for a bike party!

5) This month we are ending at the Open Walls Baltimore 2 Closing Party! It’s gonna be the biggest event in town by far and you don’t want to miss it! For more info about what we’ll be joining in on check here.

6) as usual, there will be food trucks with lots of grub to eat!

7) there will be drink tickets sold for our usual low-low price of $4 each or 3 for $10. Heavy Seas will be there with beer and now for you gluten-free types we will ALSO HAVE WINE!

8) in order to drink, you need a wrist band! so bring your ID and be sure to find one of our ID checkers (near the ticket tents) there is NO COST for a wristband!

9) remember to bring your lock and review how to lock your bike up! there WILL be a BIKE CORRAL by Red Emma’s with a SECURITY GUARD but you should still lock your bikes together!

10) AFTER the after party, Liam Flynn’s, Wind-up Space, The Crown, and Club Charles will all be open so stick around and enjoy the night!
Can’t wait to see you all Friday!!!

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