April BBP Update #2

HEY BIKE PARTIERS! Here’s What You Need To Know About Tonight’s Ride! (Part II)

happy rain cloud

I hope you are all excited about tonight! There are some looming weather concerns, but you should PLAN AS THOUGH THE RIDE IS ON.

Here is a map of the route https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=202724348976047122233.0004f6f064aef20d5b11d&msa=0
And here is a cue sheet with turn-by-turn directions https://www.facebook.com/groups/275878782500783/625897854165539/

SO, what are our options?!? well, no matter what THE BLOCK PARTY/AFTER PARTY IS ON. as for the ride, one of 3 things will happen!

1) the WEATHER IS FINE, or the weather CLEARS UP by ride time: we ride, we party, we rejoice

2) there is LIGHT OR INTERMITTENT RAIN: if you feel BOLD (which you should) come ride with us! if riding in the rain is just not your idea of fun (and that’s okay) then you should head on over to the after party and we will meet you there! The party is part of a larger block party that starts at 7pm and is RAIN OR SHINE.

3) there is HEAVY OR CONSTANT RAIN all evening: we already paid for the permits, scheduled the beer/wine vendors, the food trucks, the DJ, and 17(!) canopy tents to set up at the block party. we may CANCEL THE RIDE, BUT NOT THE AFTER PARTY. head on over to the block party (which starts at 7) anyway and join in the fun! we have 17 CANOPY TENTS to keep you dry! PAY ATTENTION TO THE EVENT PAGE or the WEBSITE to see if we cancel the ride portion. We will make this decision sometime BEFORE 4 PM.


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