March Bike Party: Animals!

As always, meet at St Mary’s Park at 7pm!

1) Here is the route:,-76.596336&spn=0.048497,0.102997

2) Remember this is our last month under WINTER MODE: That means WAITING at red lights and NO CORKING! Refresh yourself on the policy here:

3) Remember to bring the essentials! Bundle up. It’s going to be warmer than the rest of this week, but not too warm!

4) We will be finishing at World of Beer in Locust Point! There will be food and drink specials for us! (still waiting to hear exactly what those will be)

5) There is a loooooooooong fence behind World of Beer that practically everyone’s bike should fit on! Please lock up there.

6) The weather will be WARM on friday, but there is also a high chance of rain! At the moment the ride is still ON. If anything changes it will be posted HERE ON THE EVENT PAGE. **NOTE** if the ride is canceled, there is no make up ride for the month, you are still welcome to come out to the bar (World of Beer) via bike, car, taxi, Uber, horse, whatever! and have a blast with us!

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