Hey Bike Partiers!

Sorry for the delay, but i hope you are all ready to pedal off all that turkey!  Here is some stuff you need to know for tonight’s ride!

1)      If you haven’t noticed already, we are moving to a new ride organizational format for the colder months.  READ UP about it here!

2)      Here is the route.  Be sure to take a good look, and print out a cue sheet or two so you know the turns!

3)      Bring out your warmest PJ’s!  It’s gonna be a clear beautiful night for a great ride.

4)      At Pratt St, the BEST place to lock up your bike is to your friends inside the courtyard!  Read all about how to safely lock up your bike here.  Be sure to read Appendix B!

5)      There will be plenty of food, drinks, dancing and photos to be had up on the 2ND FLOOR once your bike is locked up.

6)      We will have SHIRTS for sale again!  The PERFECT xmas present, so stock up!  $25 at the afterparty.

7)      We are going to do a little experiment to see how many people are actually reading our stuff on FB.  So if you’ve made it this far, go down and click that little “like” button for us (whether you like it or not!). That is the only way we really know who is paying attention to all this yammering.  Thanks a ton Bike Partiers!

8)      Remember to be safe, be courteous, be joyful!  See you all tonight.

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