Complete October Brew-Ha-Ha Update!

HEY BIKE PARTIERS! (The Big, Complete Everything-You-Need-To-Know Post)

So lets recap a little!

1) Here is the route,-76.622086&spn=0.098014,0.192604 It also shows a “green” route from Union to St Mary’s Park. If you are DRIVING please park up near Union and either bike down or take the Light Rail from Woodberry to the Centre St stop.

2) As you know, we will be meeting at St Mary’s Park in Seton Hill. Please be sure to pick up any trash around you before we roll out! Also, if you need a BATHROOM before we leave, the Community Assn has graciously granted us access to the facilities at the park! They are in the building on the west side. ALSO, if your bike needs a little help, visit the Race Pace tent near the fountain to make sure your bike is in good working order!

3) We will be riding as ONE LARGE GROUP with police support. For those of you who like to ride in the front, it is important that you stay BEHIND the police car AND our 2 ride leaders (designated with orange flags). For everyone else, just keep rollin along and enjoy the ride!

4) Take a moment to remind yourselves of HOW WE RIDE

5) When you get to the after party, bring your bike INTO the parking lot and lock it to a fence, your friends’ bike(s), or lock the wheels to the frame. We will have security at the event but that security will only go to the front gate! Don’t loose your ride home!

6) At the after party there will be a COSTUME CONTEST with prizes (including a BRAND NEW BIKE) from NuBohemia, Race Pace Bicycles, Light Street Cycles, Twenty20 Cycling Co., Union Craft Brewing, and Hill Killer Apparel. To be in the contest you MUST receive a contest invitation from on of our 50 ride volunteers on the ride!

7) Speaking of the after party, as always there will be food trucks, music, and the photo booth, but for this party, Union is breaking out *18* taps to serve us! We are selling beer tickets 4 for $10 or $3 each (1 ticket = 1 beer). Beer sales is how we pay for these awesome parties, so while we never regulate it, consider leaving the Boh at home and support Bike Party by enjoying some Baltimore craft-brewed awesomeness! Don’t drink beer? Well you are always welcome to donate at the photo booth! Whether you are buying tickets or not, anyone who plans on consuming alcohol needs a wristband, given out (free) near the ticket booth!

You know this is going to be the best event happening this Halloween so go ahead and click that “join” button and tell your friends to do the same! See you all tomorrow night!

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