October Update #1: BEER!

Stay tuned all week for Bike Party updates for this month!

This month’s after party will see Union Craft Brewing setting up 18 taps for us! 18!!! What does that mean? Well that means the wait for YOU to get a beer is going to be almost nonexistent! That also means that there is no excuse not to invite all of your friends to come along! Help them haul their bike out of the basement and stitch that costume together! Even if they refuse to bike (like a sucker) it’s cool, they can still come join us at the after party!

We are going to be selling beer tickets at $10 for 4, that’s $2.50 for a local craft beer. You can’t find that anywhere else in town! Don’t need 4 beers? Tickets can be bought individually at $3!

Hate beer? That’s okay, we’ve never cracked down on those who want to BYODrinks, but if you do, PLEASE think about tossing some money in the Donation jar (by the photo booth). Bike Party is shelling out thousands of dollars every month for security, bathrooms, DJs, permits, etc… all with the insistence that this always remain a FREE event for all. The beer sales are the lions share of payment for this so please please please consider leaving the 6pack at home this month and supporting Bike Party and Union in our efforts to throw you the best party of the year!

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