Winter Changes

After this month’s blow-out bash, for the next 5 months Bike Party will be entering what we are calling “winter mode.” This means a couple key things.

1) We’ll be going back to ending at (warm and toasty) local bars for the after parties.
2) We will be forgoing police ride support in favor of abiding by traffic laws (no corking traffic with the right-of-way).

It is important to note that this is not a decision handed down by the City, who has been very supportive the past couple months. This decision was made so that we (the organizers and volunteers) can take a breath, redouble our efforts, and be ready for Bike Party to be bigger and better than ever next spring!

So what does that mean for you? Well, it means THIS MONTH is the last ride this year that you get to ride in one ridiculously huge mass and eat and drink and dance and party out under the stars! DON’T MISS IT! Don’t let your FRIENDS miss it. Don’t let your FAMILY miss it. There is NO reason that anyone can’t pick up a bike and join us on the 25th so spread the word!

Love Bikes, Love Baltimore
-Baltimore Bike Party-

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