Sept Outer Space Ride Information

HEY BIKE PARTIERS!  Thanks for all your patience!  Here is what you need to know for this month’s ride.  Be sure to read all the way through as there is lots of important information!

1) Here is the route:

2) We are starting at St. Mary’s Park in Seton Hill.  Be sure to congregate IN the park, inside the short wall and NOT out in the street!

3) If you are DRIVING to the party, you need to park near the after party location and then bike up to the start, to prevent congestion in the neighborhood.  The following parking garages are all open 24 hours and within a block of the after party:

– Arena Garage (City Parking Authority) is on Howard Street just north of Lombard

– Days Inn Garage is on Lombard between Howard and Hopkins Pl

– Arrow Garage is on Baltimore St between Howard and Park Ave

After parking, you can get to the start from any of these garages by heading 2 blocks west to Paca street, then heading north (with traffic) until you see the park on your left (~6 blocks).

4) We will NOT be implementing the everyone-stops-at-red-lights policy again this month.  The City and Bike Party agreed that it was not the right model for the success of our event.  To reiterate, we will be riding together in ONE GROUP again.  Please help spread the word.

5) Even though we will be staying as one group we DO still need everyone to abide by the our few don’t-be-a-dumbass rules, specifically the importance of NOT riding in oncoming traffic lanes and saving the beers for off the bike! It’ll be just as fun, trust us!

6) Be sure to remind yourself of what to bring!

7) This is a FREE event, and there is no sign-up, but bring some cash for food and drink for after the ride!  The after party this month will be at HOPKINS PLAZA.  Expect the usual awesome fanfare of beer (provided by Heavy Seas), food trucks, DJ Ro, and the photo booth!

8) We are providing riders with a BIKE CORRAL that will be staffed at all times.  Please utilize this service.  Once you put your bike in the corral, you do not have to lock it up to a rack, just lock the bike to your friends’ bikes or at worst lock the wheel to the frame.  This way, no one can ride off on your bike, and anyone seen CARRYING a bike away will be stopped.

9) Bring your best costume and big smile!  Bike Party has always been about spreading good cheer across the city.  Our biggest success has been all of you having a great time and spreading positive vibes.  Let’s keep it up as we have another awesome event!

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