Beach Party update #2


The number one aim of Bike Party is to keep everyone HAPPY and a huge part of being happy is being UNINJURED. As a result, it is essential that we, as a group, do 3 specific things tonight. These requests are coming not only from the organizers of Bike Party but also from the City in an attempt to ensure that Bike Party remains a sustainable event.

1) Please don’t drink alcohol while riding. In the eyes of the law (whether you agree or not) this is the equivalent of drinking and driving. We have our alcohol permit for the after party and there will be plenty of opportunity to party there!

2) Ride only in the lanes going to direction you are. I promise you, the ride is just as fun in the right lane as it is in the left lane on Eastern Ave. Do NOT ride in oncoming traffic, whether you see a car coming or not.

3) THIS IS A NEW ONE. This month we are going to try implementing the model used by East Bay and other Bike Parties on the West Coast. We are asking EVERYONE TO STOP AT ALL RED LIGHTS. Don’t worry, the people in front of you aren’t going to get too far ahead as they will have to stop at the next red light.

Now I know what you are thinking “Ah man, this is really going to kill the vibe, dude!” But let’s give it a fair shot tonight. Yes, it is going to break up the ride from being one huge continuous mass. The BENEFIT is that by abiding by these traffic laws, other Bike Parties have been able to carry on without having their city government up in their business every month.

As a result, the route has shortened a little. Please look at the map and also be sure to print out the cue sheet for yourself and your friends in case you need help catching up!

The map can be seen here
The cue sheet can be downloaded from this link

The way that this is going to be successful is to not only abide by these requests yourself, but also call out to others to do the same. We do not expect everyone to have this figured out between now and tonight, so we need riders to spread the word not only via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but also out on the ride. If you see someone who didn’t seem to get today’s memo, let them know about the change in a positive, high-fiving manner (i know you can do it). Lets hold ourselves accountable to being safe and awesome so that no one else has to step in and ruin our good time!

Bike Love,
Tim Barnett
Baltimore Bike Party

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2 Responses to Beach Party update #2

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  2. Nate says:

    First bike party…great time. Thanks for putting it together!

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