What to know for the August Bike Party


1) here is the route, be sure to give it a once-over in case you need to catch up! we will be starting at Pearlstone Park and ending at West Shore Park in the Inner Harbor http://goo.gl/maps/K7GDt

2) speaking of the route, be sure to remind yourself of how we ride! let’s keep Bike Party a safe and happy place by cleaning up after ourselves, staying out of on-coming traffic, and smiling at everyone we pass! https://baltimorebikeparty.com/how-we-ride/

3) as always, this is a FREE event, but bring some cash to get food and drink at the after-party! we are partnering with The Gathering this month, so expect plenty of awesome food trucks and beer/drinks to go around! as always, DJ Ro will be spinning to keep the party going and the photo booth will be set up for everyone!

4) bring your costume! deck out your bike with beach balls! bring all the things listed here https://baltimorebikeparty.com/what-to-bring/

5) lastly. BRING A BIKE LOCK, A GOOD ONE. there has been a huge bike theft issue in Baltimore this summer. this is not just an issue at Bike Party, but the city as a whole. A CABLE LOCK IS INSUFFICIENT. bike thieves are carrying bolt cutters with them all over town, including to our event, and it only takes a couple seconds to clip a cable lock.

we will be providing a Bike Corral for everyone (and we highly suggest you use it), and there will be a security guard stationed at the corral, but it is impossible to monitor who owns each of the 1500 bikes. the BEST way for you to have your bike still be there at the end of the night is to lock it to several of your friends bikes. even if it’s just 2 bikes locked to each other, that means no one can just roll out on your bike. even if you came alone or can’t find your buddies, lock your wheel to your frame. this immobilizes your bike and prevents it from being ridden away by someone claiming it is their own.

bring a lock, bring a smile, bring yer swim trunks and we’ll see you all Friday!

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2 Responses to What to know for the August Bike Party

  1. Tim Zant says:

    Wat happened to st,Mary’s park…..start

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