Moonlight Madness Update


Firstly, we want to apologize for the late notice. The rug was pulled out from under us last minute by a bureaucratic whirlwind that has left us scrambling the last 48 hours for a new end location and the corresponding permits, route, and party details. However I want to assure you that this month will be as great as ever so have no fear!

1: here is the route!

2: if you didn’t already notice, we have moved our start location from this month forward to PEARLSTONE PARK

3: we will be ending at the Lakeside Pavilion in Druid Hill Park. there is some parking within the park, but please do not park in the spots next to the pavilion as we need them for the food trucks!

4: speaking of food trucks, we have ’em! Busia’s Kitchen, Cruisin Cafe, El Cuervo, Karlita’s, Kooper’s Chowhound, The Smoking Swine, and Miss Twist ice cream!

5: as always we will also have DJ Ro on the turntables and the photobooth from Anneka Photography

6: UNFORTUNATELY, one of the fall-outs of our last minute change in location is the lack of an alcohol permit this means that we will not be able to sell beer this month and will not have a beer truck. SOOOOOO, if you are 21 or older, and you have a backpack, (while generally discouraged) i think you know what that means…

7: if you haven’t been on our ride before, check out How We Ride and What To Bring! (very important!)

8: lastly, but perhaps most awesomely, we finally have SHIRTS FOR SALE! we will have T-SHIRTS, V-NECK SHIRTS, and TANK TOPS! all shirts are $25, cash only for now. be sure to pick yours up at the after party so you can let everyone know you are one of the coolest kids in town!

we can’t wait to see all your shining faces and glowing bikes tomorrow!

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