Holiday Hangover!

holiday _hangover

HO HO HO Bike Partiers!

Don’t forget to join up with our December ride!  Whether you love it or hate it, the holiday season can leave us all feeling a little burned out. So much turkey, candy, lights, trees, egg nog, dradles, reindeer, soda-drinking polar bears… Well come out and celebrate the end of the season, year, and possibly our own existence (were the Mayans right? stay tuned!) with another joyous journey through the streets of fair Baltimore! Don’t worry about wiping off the rest of that smudged lipstick from when Aunt Betsy mauled you. No need to take off that ugly christmas sweater you always have to wear even though you “accidentally” spilled egg nog all down the front in hopes of being allowed to take it off. Good thing grandma got you 30 pairs of socks, cause on Dec 28th we want to see all your shining faces at the monument in your best left-over holiday cheer!


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