What You Need to Know for This Month’s Ride.

there are a few things we want everyone to know to help make this month’s ride the smoothest one ever!

1) in order to not conflict with with the Book Festival, we will be starting at PEARLSTONE PARK, not the monument. the park is located along Preston between Howard and Cathedral and is between the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and the MICA Station building. we will be back to meeting at the monument next month

2) bring a spare tube! (or two) go to a bike shop and get some spare tubes that fit your bike. they come in various shapes and sizes and it’s important, if you get a flat, to have one on hand. there will pretty much always be someone around you on the ride to help, but if their bike has different size tires than yours, they may not have a tube to fit your bike! don’t get left behind or miss out on the fun because you didn’t do this!!!

3) if you get stranded somehow; illness, broken bike, or other emergency, here are 2 cab companies that you can call and specifically request a minivan to take you and your bike home (or to the finish!)
Arrow Cab: 410-261-0000
Yellow Cab: 410-685-1212
write these numbers down and have them with you on the ride, just in case! this also applies to getting home at the end of the night. ride safely!

4) the finish this month is going to be at Union Craft Brewery in Clipper Mill! if you want beer (and we know you do…) have your ID and $10 for all you can drink. however the event is still open to all ages and there is no cover, so bring money because there will be food trucks as well!

5) this month marks the 20th anniversary of Critical Mass. Bike Party has evolved beyond the original notions of CM, but we should not forget our roots and decades of cycling advocates who have fought for our rights to the street. you can read an article about the founder here

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