Vigil for Patrick McCusker

this is last minute, but we wanted to pass it along

TONIGHT (8/25) AT 8PM: There will be a vigil in O’DONNELL SQUARE IN CANTON to pay respects to fellow cyclist and Nacho Mama’s owner Scunny McCusker. The idea is 1) to show support for his family; 2) to pay respects to a fellow cyclist; and 3) to raise the idea that perhaps we shouldn’t design roads like Coastal Highway in Ocean City, that emphasize auto speed over bike and pedestrian safety.

(feel free to patronize Nacho Mama’s afterwards!)

link to Baltimore Sun article

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1 Response to Vigil for Patrick McCusker

  1. summer says:

    I agree it is a huge tragedy for Maryland to have lost such a gracious man. He was family in ocean city as well as charm city. I have been a part tine resident in OC for 19 years and a full time resident for 15. In the summet i ride my bike 95% of the time. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in bus etiquette in recent years. The buses now try to move to the next lane to give.
    bikers room. No longer do i hear loud horns. I hear quick beeps just to politely notify cruisers that the busses are behind us. Thru trial and error, it is possible to travel the whole island without getting on coastal highway. OC has, and is, doing a fine job at keeping pubic transportation, pedestrians and bikers safe.

    cean City has and is has and isdong a fine job

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