June Bike Party Post-ride Write-Up

So I first want to say thank you to all of you!  YOU are what make Bike Party a blast.  Without you, I’m just a guy pulling some tunes with a few buddies.  We have a rough count from last night of at least 215 people!  I also want to thank Baltimore Bicycle Works, Station North, Bosley, Matt Gilman, and others for all putting on an awesome event for us to collaborate with.  It was great to have a party already going with bands, beer, and bikes that I really think helped bump our ride to the next level.

There were tons of awesome outfits and I can’t wait to see all the pictures you post.  Our 80’s theme was a big success and we plan to do themed rides often.  We did a great job of staying together and waiting at red lights.  This makes the party that much more fun for everyone involved.  My favorite part of the night, personally, was when we all broke out in chorus to Biz Markie and Beastie Boys.  We totally need to have sing-a-longs more often!  As always, not only was it a blast for us but the people we passed LOVE us!  I can’t count the number of friendly honks, cheers, and dancing as we passed by and I feel that this is proof that if we put good vibes out we will get good vibes back, so keep up the positive energy that benefits us all!

There were a couple of troubled spots though.  First, this IS an organized, planned route.  If you want to be a part of the people guiding the group, awesome!  but know the route.  If you don’t know the route, let someone who does call the shots.  Also, unfortunately we did have a couple spills on this month’s ride.  Both people are reported doing well (neither had any major injuries), but this does highlight a few points.  1) We aren’t in a race.  I know it’s tempting to fly down hills, but faster speeds mean worse crashes.  We are in such a large mass and we are not all professional cyclists, so it’s important to keep things under control for yourself and as a group.  Be sure not to get too close on someone’s wheel in case they make a sudden stop, and as always, ride in a clear path.  If you need to move left or right, let the people behind you know BEFORE you shift over so we minimize the risk of cutting someone off.  2)  We are never going to mandate it, but we HEAVILY encourage wearing a helmet!  Both riders that went down were not wearing helmets and at least one of them hit their head.

As I said before, we did an awesome job stopping at red lights and corking streets when necessary, but one thing we have done better on is letting cars pass on the left.  Some drivers are going to be content to wait behind us, and some are not.  If someone wants to pass us, let them!  And if you, Bike Partiers, see a cyclist (or cyclists) blocking a car’s path, don’t hesitate to berate that biker into line!  Beyond this, especially, is to NEVER ride into oncoming traffic!  When we are on a two-way street, even if we only have one lane, we only have one lane.  It’ll be okay!  It’ll open up again soon.

But all in all this was a wonderful Bike Party and the best one yet!  Dogwatch Tavern was awesome.  They were very accommodating and the reserved back room was perfect for us!  I hope you all tipped your bartender well and be sure to speak kindly of them to your friends!  I’m sure we will be stopping there again in the future.  Of course, as we all know, the night ended with a blistering storm!  It definitely cooled off the hot day and I hope everyone got home safely!

Thanks again to everyone for coming out and if you have any feedback of your own you can always email us at baltimorebikeparty@gmail.com.  We’ll see you all (and your friends!) next month!

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5 Responses to June Bike Party Post-ride Write-Up

  1. Adam says:

    I counted ~240 (margin of error ~10) bike partiers leaving the Station North Bike Block party.

    • I took a video of us rounding Lake Montebello and counted roughly 240 when watching it closely, not including about 10 people who had passed by before I started recording or were behind the camera. Amazing turnout!

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  3. Burnest Griffin IV says:

    I actually had to ride back during the squall. I hid in a parking garage with a couple other Bike Partiers but eventually I got tired of being scared. Once again, thank you for hosting this great opportunity for riding and socializing and we’ll definitely keep the good vibes coming!

  4. bgriffiniv says:

    Haha I wound up riding through the squall. Thanks for hosting this great opportunity for riding and socializing and we’ll definitely keep the good vibes coming!

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