New Poster!

Thanks Justin Duvall!

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3 Responses to New Poster!

  1. TD says:

    Would make a fine spoke card! Just sayin’.
    Please add to the Bmore Bikes photo pool here:
    Will a route be posted before the ride? I might join you at the First Fridays stop by the streetcar museum.

    • a route will be posted, it’s still in the works but it will go up to final fridays block party and will end in fells. details to come!

      • TD says:

        Thanks. I’ll probably be meeting people up in Waverly so I may peel off early, but I’m sure any part of it will be fun. Speaking of Waverly, I noticed that both the Goodwill and Beauty Lane on Greenmount had some 80’s-lookin’ clothing and accessories just waiting for this, if anyone’s thinking of shopping for an outfit.

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