July Bike Party Details


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Here’s everything you need to know for this month’s ride!

1)      Here is the ROUTE! This route does have some decent downhill sections. Remember we aren’t in a race, feel free to take it slow and keep your bike under control!  Nothing ruins a good party like head trauma!  Also print out a cue sheet in case you need to catch up!

2)      For now, the POLICE escort is at their availability!  This means they will provide the service when they can, and we can roll through reds, but if something more pressing comes up they may not make it and we will have to ride under the West Coast Policy!   Either way brush up on How We Ride (NOTE: this is a complicated situation and if you have questions or concerns about it, feel free to email us and we are happy to discuss it further)

3)      We meet as usual at 6:30 at St Mary’s Park and roll out at 7pm.  Did you know that every month Seton Hill Neighborhood Assn provides BATHROOMS for us?  Head to the backside of the small building in the park.  Also, Twenty20 Cycling is on hand to help pump up tires and other small tweaks!

4)      Check out what you need to bring!

5)      Hula Honeys will be back at the mid-stop this month!  If you run out of time there, don’t worry, they’ll also be at the after party!

6)      This month we will be ending at the Maryland Historical Society!  There will be all the usual fun with beer, WINE, food trucks, the photobooth, and DJ.  As always, you need a ticket to get a drink ($4 each, 3 for 10), and you need a wristband to get tickets (free) so bring your ID!  Check out a layout of the after party here!

7)      When you get to the after party, there is a designated area to put your bike (see link above).  It will not have a bunch of things to lock to, so lock your bike to your friends, or itself!  We will have security guards on hand to protect any bikes that are IN the parking lot, especially IN THE CORRAL area, so if you are concerned about the safety of your bike it’s best to put it there!  You can check out more of how to lock up your bike here (esp. Appendix B)

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June Bike Party Details [UPDATED!]


Here’s everything you need to know for this month’s ride!

1) Remember we moved the ride time! Meet at 6:30 roll out at 7pm!

2) Here is the route!  Be sure to look it over and print out a cue sheet just in case!

3) If the police are there, we can ride as one mass. If not, we all have to abide by the red light policy (as described in detail on this page) be prepared for either option this month!

4) Review what you need to bring for a bike party!

5) This month we are ending at the Lexington Market lot. As usual there will be beer, wine, dancing, and the photo booth! Along with that we have TONS of vendors from the market ready to fill your bellies!
– Mem Sahib (with vegan options)
– Mexican Delight
– Honolulu Smoothies
– Mt Olympus baked potatoes
– Gordon’s Betta Jamaican Cuisine
– Kay’s Produce
– Barron’s Deli
– Sausage Master
– Faidley’s crab cakes
– Jumbo Chicken
– Dancing Potato

6) Drink tickets, as usual, will be $4 each or 3 for $10. Heavy Seas will be there with beer and we will have wine as well! We guarantee we will NOT run out! (unless you show up with 1000 extra friends like Big Freedia did)

7) In order to drink, you need a wrist band! There is no charge for these but be sure to bring your ID!

8) Remember to bring your lock and review how to lock your bike up! There is fencing around the entire lot and there will be security on the lot, but don’t lose your bike or your accessories by leaving them unsecured!


1) If you are DRIVING to Bike Party: the best place to park is in the LEXINGTON MARKET GARAGE. This is on PACA St across from the market on the LEFTHAND side between Lexington and Saratoga. Other garages in the area may not be open late enough for you to get your car out at the end of the night, but THIS ONE IS! After parking, just ride your bike straight on Paca about 4 blocks (north, with traffic) and you will see the start of Bike Party in the park on the left! Here is a picture of what the garage looks like

2) The afterparty has a pretty strong shut-down time of about 11pm, but if you want to keep the night going, feel free mosey on down to Alewife Baltimore a block south or Pratt Street Ale House 3 blocks down and 1 block east! If you decide to go out after bike party, TAKE YOUR BIKE WITH YOU. Bikes left in the parking lot MAY HAVE TO BE REMOVED if they are still there in the morning as the market opens early for business!

3) We are going to add something new this month! Hula Honeys will be selling Hawaiian Shaved Ice at the rest stop! If this is a success we will bring them back repeatedly for the rest of the summer!


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June Ride – The 90’s

Regardless of how much we may all love the 80’s, lets face it, most of us Bike Partier’s in our 20’s and early 30’s really found our identity in the 90’s, so lets celebrate this formative decade right!

This month we’ll be ending at Lexington Market again with tons of food vendors from the market and the usual beer, music, photobooth, and more! Stay tuned for more info!  Also, if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kimi on the “Volunteer Info” tab of this website.

Remember we moved our time up!
Meet at St. Mary’s Park (600 N Paca St) at 6:30
Roll out at 7 sharp!

90's Themed Baltimore Bike Party.

90’s Themed Baltimore Bike Party.  June 27, 2014 @ 6:30PM.


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May BBP Ride Info!



1) We are moving our start time FROM THIS MONTH FORWARD to MEET at 6:30, ROLL OUT at 7pm sharp! This is to accommodate for how early some of our after parties will have to wrap up (sometimes 11pm), depending on the zoning of the area! SPREAD THE WORD, DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND!

2) We are hard at work at negotiating an MOU with the city that will allow Bike Party to continue well into the future! That said, we have not yet reached agreement. Due to the crazy liability issues of our amazing event, until this is signed we are going to operate this month under the WEST COAST RULES, i.e. stopping at red lights! Remind yourself of how it all works here. We PROMISE you that this is not the last you will see of the giant mass rides of old, have patience! (and if you are an experienced attorney or contract negotiator, give us a call!)

3) Here’s the route! Take a look! Also be sure to print out a few cue sheets for you and your friends, in case you need them to catch up!

4) review what you need to bring for a bike party!

5) This month we are ending at the Open Walls Baltimore 2 Closing Party! It’s gonna be the biggest event in town by far and you don’t want to miss it! For more info about what we’ll be joining in on check here.

6) as usual, there will be food trucks with lots of grub to eat!

7) there will be drink tickets sold for our usual low-low price of $4 each or 3 for $10. Heavy Seas will be there with beer and now for you gluten-free types we will ALSO HAVE WINE!

8) in order to drink, you need a wrist band! so bring your ID and be sure to find one of our ID checkers (near the ticket tents) there is NO COST for a wristband!

9) remember to bring your lock and review how to lock your bike up! there WILL be a BIKE CORRAL by Red Emma’s with a SECURITY GUARD but you should still lock your bikes together!

10) AFTER the after party, Liam Flynn’s, Wind-up Space, The Crown, and Club Charles will all be open so stick around and enjoy the night!
Can’t wait to see you all Friday!!!

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May Bike Party: Prom!

Hey Bike Partiers! It’s that time of year again! Grab your tux or dress and best guy/gal for another great bike party soiree!
Bike Prom

Four VERY IMPORTANT things to know for this month’s ride:

1. WE ARE MOVING OUR START TIME: MEET at 6:30 ROLL OUT AT 7PM. This will give us more time for the afterparty!

We will still be meeting at St. Mary’s Park on the last Friday of this (and every) month.

2. We will be operating under West Coast ride rules.  This means we will stop at red lights and obey all other traffic signals.

3. Our AFTER PARTY this month is going to be AMAZING. We have partnered with Station North to join their Open Walls Baltimore 2 Closing Party. That means along with the usual food trucks, beer (and wine!), and dancing, we will have the whole block of North Ave between Charles and Maryland shut down just for us with live music! MAJOR national performers Mike Q, DJ Class, Big Freedia, and DJ ANGELBABY will all be performing!

4. To put on this killer party, we need LOTS of helping hands. Check out the volunteer opportunities here and sign up for one of our short shifts if you can!

This is a Bike Party you DON’T want to miss!

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It has been a long and arduous afternoon watching the doppler but after much debate we have decided that it is in the best interest of the SAFETY and HAPPINESS of participants that we NOT ride in the impending weather conditions.

I know this comes as a total bummer, but 24 un-affected bike parties was a good run! Lets hope we get 2 more years of no rain after this month!

SO, the AFTER PARTY is STILL ON, and it STARTS AT 7! go ahead and walk, bike, drive, uber/lyft/zipcar, prance your way up to the 900 BLOCK OF WHITELOCK in Reservoir hill with your galoshes and join us for a great party! we have plenty of canopy tents set up to keep you dry!

IF you REALLY wanna BIKE to the after party, there will be a group that DEPARTS at 7:30 from St Mary’s Park and heads pretty much directly to the party!


umbrella rain

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April BBP Update #2

HEY BIKE PARTIERS! Here’s What You Need To Know About Tonight’s Ride! (Part II)

happy rain cloud

I hope you are all excited about tonight! There are some looming weather concerns, but you should PLAN AS THOUGH THE RIDE IS ON.

Here is a map of the route https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=202724348976047122233.0004f6f064aef20d5b11d&msa=0
And here is a cue sheet with turn-by-turn directions https://www.facebook.com/groups/275878782500783/625897854165539/

SO, what are our options?!? well, no matter what THE BLOCK PARTY/AFTER PARTY IS ON. as for the ride, one of 3 things will happen!

1) the WEATHER IS FINE, or the weather CLEARS UP by ride time: we ride, we party, we rejoice

2) there is LIGHT OR INTERMITTENT RAIN: if you feel BOLD (which you should) come ride with us! if riding in the rain is just not your idea of fun (and that’s okay) then you should head on over to the after party and we will meet you there! The party is part of a larger block party that starts at 7pm and is RAIN OR SHINE.

3) there is HEAVY OR CONSTANT RAIN all evening: we already paid for the permits, scheduled the beer/wine vendors, the food trucks, the DJ, and 17(!) canopy tents to set up at the block party. we may CANCEL THE RIDE, BUT NOT THE AFTER PARTY. head on over to the block party (which starts at 7) anyway and join in the fun! we have 17 CANOPY TENTS to keep you dry! PAY ATTENTION TO THE EVENT PAGE or the WEBSITE to see if we cancel the ride portion. We will make this decision sometime BEFORE 4 PM.


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