BBP Community and Safety Meeting- October 25

Hey Bike Partiers! We Need Your Voice!

Over the past year, Bike Party has experienced an increased number of incidents of unsafe biking behavior, theft, and, most recently, violence at the party.

We, as a community, need to address this and we need everyone’s voice to help figure out exactly how to do so. We encourage anyone to attend this meeting who has been to a Bike Party and is concerned about these issues, has first-hand experience from these situations, and/or is interested in getting involved in proactive solutions to keep Bike Party an inclusive, safe, and AWESOME experience.

We have brought in the Community Conferencing Center to help facilitate a conversation to address these concerns.

St. Mary’s Park (600 block of N. Paca)
(in case of bad weather, we will meet in the building in the park)

- Everyone will have a chance to speak.
– Everyone will have a chance to listen.
– The group will decide together how best to move forward.

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An Important Read


As many of you know, the “rules” of the Bike Party rides have been a little in flux over the past year as we continue to grow as an event and evolve in our relationship with the city. I know it hasn’t always been clear what we will be doing month to month, so I am going to take a moment here to lay it all out.

Here are some facts:
– If we have a police escort, as a permitted event, we usually will have permission to stay as one group, in a grand processional through red lights.
– If we do NOT have a police escort, we, ALL of us, are expected to yield right-of-way to cross traffic at red lights as we would if we were regular bikers on the street.
– Police escort for each ride costs $2500, per event, for Bike Party, at bare bones minimum.
– The organizers of Bike Party are adamant about it always remaining a FREE event, open to all.
– Through after party beer and wine sales, we usually bring in $2500-3000 a month. After security, bathrooms, insurance, permits, and other expenses, that is about what it costs us each month to put the event on. As you can see, this leaves no room to pay for a police escort for the ride.

“So what can *I* do about this?” Well I’m glad you asked! Here are a few options if you like the idea of us riding in one large group, uninterrupted.
– You can give us $2500 a month (how generous of you!).
– You can email us at and say “Hey guys! I would love to offer my services to help you pursue grant and/or sponsorship opportunities!”
– If you really want to, you can write your city official(s) and say “Dear so-n-so, this is why Bike Party is so amazing and while I understand that you have a big job to do and resources are limited, this is why I think it’s important to support it in any way you can.”

In the meantime, however, THIS IS WHAT WE NEED from all of our riders for the October ride and through the winter months. We need EVERYONE to abide by the “West Coast Rules.” Trust us, it’s not that bad. Thousands and thousands of people ride this way in other Bike Parties in other cities every month and still have an awesome time. If you don’t remember, or have never seen the “West Coast Rules,” I’m going to lay them out again right now!

1) Stop when you have a red light. Yield to the traffic that has the right of way. Getting hit by a car would definitely put a buzzkill on your evening. Don’t worry, the group ahead of you will not get too far, and the people with you at the light are certainly pretty awesome. Just look at that ridiculous costume!

2) Check out the route. We always post a map and cue sheet on the event page and website in case you need to catch up.

3) If you come up behind vehicles stopped at an intersection, stay behind them. Otherwise once the light turns green they are going to have their bumper on your back wheel, not a great situation! Let them go ahead first when the light turns green.

4) Don’t crowd or block-in moving vehicles. Most drivers, once they see us massing up behind them, will choose to turn left or right and take an alternate route. Be sure to leave them that opportunity!

5) Ride ONLY in lanes of traffic going the same direction you are. You are never going to win a game of chicken with a car, and you may not know when a car will suddenly turn towards you on the street.

6) Don’t ride on the sidewalks. Leave those for the kiddos and little old ladies. We have plenty of room taking up the whole street.

7) If we DO have any police officers helping us along in a particular area, always defer to their guidance. Often they will hold up traffic for us to continue, which is always appreciated!

8) Hold each other accountable to these rules. There are 3 of us who organize this event. Even with help from our friends, there is no where near enough of us to manage the entire length of the ride. Don’t let other people ruin the fun!

To help you remember all this, we have a handy infographic attached here. Remember, this is not my party, this is not an event “hosted” by the organizers that you are attending. Bike Party is YOUR event. It is as amazing and wonderful and successful as you make it. Bike Party was created because we believe Baltimore is a beautiful place with beautiful people, so let’s keep that love growing. See y’all on Halloween!

Baltimore Bike Party

west coast rules

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October 2014 Halloween Bike Party


Hey Bike Partiers! This year Bike Party falls ON Halloween night! This is an event you (and your friends) don’t want to miss!

We are working hard on awesome extra-fun stuff to really make this event special, but here’s what we know so far:

As always, meet at St. Mary’s Park at 6:30pm and we will be rolling out AT 7pm!

We will be riding with the WEST COAST RULES, so brush up on how to maximize the fun!

We will be ending at the Baltimore Museum of Industry for a great after party ’til 11pm.

There will be a costume contest at the after party with epic prizes so be sure to dress up!

At 11pm, we will have an AFTER after party at Little Havana Restaurante y Cantina next door to finish off the night!

Check back here for more info and be sure to check out our Bike Party Poster for this month!

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September Bike Party

Hey Bike Partiers!

Deck your bike and your body out with as many lights as you can find as we take to the streets and celebrate once again for our Moonlit Madness ride on Friday, Sept. 26!

1) Here is the ROUTE!  And the CUE SHEET!

2) We will be riding under West Coast Rules. What does that mean? Check out How We Ride and West Coast Rules to learn more!

3) Meet as usual at 6:30 at St Mary’s Park in Seton Hill and roll out at 7pm. Did you know that every month the community association provides BATHROOMS for us? Head to the backside of the small building in the park. Also, Twenty20 Cycling Co. is on hand to help pump up tires and other small tweaks!

4) Check out what you need to bring here!

5) PARKING: If you must drive, there is a small surface lot at 517 N Paca and a large 24/7 garage at 210 N Paca. Please consider parking in one of these locations or similar to minimize the impact on our host neighborhood! Look for the pink dots on the map linked in this post!

6) We’ll end BACK at St. Mary’s Park for all the usual fun with beer, wine, food trucks, the photo booth, and DJ. As always, you need a ticket to get a drink ($4 each, 3 for 10), and you need a wristband to get tickets (free) so bring your ID!

Spread the word! Get ready to light up the night!

glow bike

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Events this weekend!

Hey Bike Partiers!

Can’t wait til the next Bike Party to get back out and have some fun?  Well lucky for you there are a series of awesome events happening this weekend!

1) Charm City Cyclocross


Even if you aren’t looking to race, come out and watch the craziest spectacle of bike race/obstacle course/possibly mud pit awesomeness in the region.  If you’ve never seen a cyclocross race before, you won’t be disappointed!

more info at and

2) Music to Your Gears


Presented by local bike advocacy group Bikemore, this free event will be Saturday afternoon, following the Cyclocross race, with tons of music, food, beer, and fun!

more info at and

3) Baltimore Seafood Festival


Can’t make it up to Druid Hill Park?  Well head on down to Canton Waterfront for some of the best seafood around!  The Seafood Festival was generous enough to donate not 1 but *2* of the kegs at last month’s bike party!  So be sure to swing by and give them some love.  We were assured that bike parking would be more than ample, with over 120 bike racks available!

 more info at and

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August “Under the Sea” Bike Party Details UPDATED 8/28


Come join us in your most outlandish underwater attire as we tour around the city and celebrate this wonderfully moderate summer!

1) Here is the ROUTE!
It’s got a decent hill in the middle but take your time, our rest stop is at the top and then it’s smooooooth sailin back down!

2) For now, the POLICE escort is at their availability! This means they will provide their service when they can to get through traffic lights, but otherwise we should plan to ride under the West Coast Policy! Either way brush up on How We Ride.

3) We meet as usual at 6:30 at St Mary’s Park and roll out at 7pm. Did you know that every month Seton Hill provides BATHROOMS for us? Head to the backside of the small building in the park. Also, RacePace Bicycles is on hand to help pump up tires and other small tweaks!

4) Check out what you need to bring here!

5) This month we will be ending at the lot next to Little Havanas. There will be all the usual fun with beer, wine, food trucks, the photo booth, and DJ. As always, you need a ticket to get a drink ($4 each, 3 for 10), and you need a wristband to get tickets (free) so bring your ID!

6) A new cue sheet will be posted BEFORE 9AM TOMORROW.

7) AFTER the after party ends, feel free to scuttle your way next door to Little Havana to keep the party going and thank them for accommodating us last minute!

So spread the word! Tell your friends! We’ll see you all at St. Mary’s Park!

Can’t wait to see all your swimming faces Friday!

underwater bike

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August Bike Party


Hey Bike Partiers!

This month we’ll be ending at Hopkins Plaza with Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.  We’ll have our photobooth, dancing, Heavy Seas beer, and various food trucks!  

As usual, meet at St. Mary’s Park at 6:30 and roll out at 7:00 sharp!

Check back here for route information and all other party details next week!

In the mean time, sign up to volunteer!  Here’s a video to help convince you!

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